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Oilfield Machinery Expertise

Oilfield Machinery Expertise

Leading Oil & Gas companies specify Tactical Sealing Technologies (TST) for high performance rubber seals, machined thermoplastics, and machined metal components. TST brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to every job. From developing unique rubber formulas in-house to machining highly customized parts, you can rely on TST as your single source for reliable Oil & Gas components.

Below are TST’s most popular products for various segments of the Oil & Gas industry.

Popular Custom Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Downhole completion seals
  • Complete tool redress kits
  • Bonded seals
  • Packings
  • Back-up rings
Exploration / Drilling
  • Fishing tool packing
  • Jar / shock tool sacking
  • Mandrel / washpipe packing
  • Plunger / swivel packing
  • Liner packers
  • Valve seats
  • O-rings
  • U-packing
  • V-packing
  • Float valve seals
  • Bonded seals – PTFE
  • Stem packing
  • Stripper rubbers
  • Packing elements
  • Polypaks
  • Wipers
  • Wire mesh elements
  • Wire mesh filters
  • Metering components
  • Frac balls
  • Bearings
  • Quad rings
  • Rotary seals