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Molded Rubber

Molded Rubber

Tactical Sealing Technologies is a leading manufacturer of custom molded rubber seals for the Oil & Gas industry. We manufacture a variety of custom parts, including spring energized seals, various packings, O-rings, quad rings, and back-up rings.

We have the resources in-house to mold custom rubber products to your exact specifications. With over 500 compounds in 11 different elastomers, Tactical Sealing Technologies can meet your custom molded rubber needs.

Our in-house mold making capability allows us to control the entire manufacturing process. As a result, we offer superior quality and short lead times. With extensive metal machining experience, Tactical Sealing Technologies also makes its own metal inserts for rubber-to-metal bonded parts.

When you choose to work with Tactical Sealing Technologies, you can rest assured that our products will perform in the most demanding environments. Call us today for a custom molded quotation or request a quote online.

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